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LOS ANGELES, CA – June 9, năm nhâm thìn – Use the power nguồn oflight to fight darkness in Light: Fellowship of Loux, the latest RPG title fromCom2us available on app Store và Google Play today. Light: Fellowship of Loux combines battles, teams, andraids for non-stop action.

Light: Fellowship of Loux is centered around Loux, thegoddess of creation và Mara, the goddess of destruction and theirstruggle between light và dark. When Mara attacks Loux in a fit ofrage, Loux’s soul is scattered around the world, spreadingthe power of light. The world is torn and the Brilith are born.They possess the power of Light strong enough khổng lồ fight the Reapersof Darkness và band together as the Fellowship of Loux.

In the game, players can create a team of heroes with uniquecharacteristics and skills to lớn take on their opponents. Using Runes,players can customize their heroes’ strengths for moredynamic gameplay. Players can participate in quái dị raids, arenamatches, explorations, and visit hero dungeons khổng lồ recruit newheroes.

In celebration of the global launch, Light: Fellowship of Loux is holding several events whereplayers can receive exclusive in-game currency & items includingkeys, gold, và gems. Full details can be found on the official Light: Fellowship of Loux Facebook page:

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About Com2us

Com2uS is a leading mobile games developer and publisher,spearheading the industry since 1998. Connecting trò chơi audiences allaround the world, Com2uS persists in producing only the finestquality games for all platforms.

The company’s expansive technological capabilities covercontent development và server operation, fusing perfectly withplatform transition and know-how. With a reputation as the topmobile games provider in Korea, industry và financial institutionsboth at home abroad have recognized Com2uS for excellence in mobilegaming.

Com2uS is currently listed on the KOSDAQ Market (KoreanSecurities Dealers

Automated Quotation; similar to NASDAQ of U.S.).

Details at

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Follow Com2uS on Twitter at and "Like" Com2uS onFacebook at .