ibitsu na koi no seesaw game

Ibitsu mãng cầu Koi no Seesaw Game

いびつな恋のシーソーゲーム / 扭曲之恋的拉锯战 / The Seesaw trò chơi of Distorted Love

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Rank: 24197th, it has 83 monthly / 5.1K total views.

Authors: Kashima chiaki

Artists: Kashima chiaki

Genres: Yaoi(BL) , Comedy , Police

Translated language: English

Original work: Completed


Inspector Sudou is known for always succeeding in retrieving the items stolen by the notorious thief Grey, a master of disguise, who is able to lớn steal the goods even though he sends the police a notice on what he intends to lớn steal beforehand. How is Sudou able to lớn get the stolen items back from this evasive burglar?

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Chapter 005.2

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Chapter 005

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Chapter 004

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Chapter 003

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Chapter 001

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