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There was no program for the labeling of shrimp products which are turtle friendly, as is the case with dolphin friendly tuna.

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Thus, the dolphin developed a broad concept of imitation.

The extremely divergent nature of these features from that of other mammalian brains continues to tát be the centerpoint of active debate about dolphin intelligence.

It may be premature to tát restrict the phenomenon of culture to tát humans, after reflecting on the brain and behavioural evidence for social evolution in dolphins.

We have suggested several aspects of the natural history of whales and dolphins that may have promoted the evolution of these complex cultures.

If dolphins are capable of collaborative learning, based on experimental evidence of social cognition, cultural learning may prove not to tát be a uniquely human phenomenon.

Research on a broader range of species has been limited by an availability bias favoring the bottlenose dolphin.

Quantitative tools for comparing animal communication systems: information theory applied to tát bottlenose dolphin whistle repertoires.

Finally, there is some confusion among the commentators regarding whether individual learning under different ecological conditions could trương mục for foraging specialisations in bottlenose dolphins.

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It has been a curious phenomenon to tát trace the popular perception of dolphins over the last few decades.

The most obvious example is the beach favored by the beaching dolphins.

This is also true for the "sponging" behavior of dolphins.

One possibility is suggested by the way in which the dolphins' matching behaviours appear reminiscent of synchronised swimming, where two individuals perform similar acts simultaneously.

These abilities appear to tát be reserved for humans, great apes, and possibly, dolphins.

Her answer was that we provided substantial evidence and a cogent argument for declarative consciousness as a shared psychological property in humans, monkeys, and dolphins.

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