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More detailed ®delity features such as accuracy of timing or sequencing can be described with the measure of temporal ®delity.

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In fact, ren sequencing is now recommended as the ultimate method of certification of polio eradication [11].

In our own time, ca. 2005, the primary visual medium is television, presented as the narratively structured sequencing of images.

In this system, the 5h-end of an oligonucleotide linked to tát biotin was used as the primer in the sequencing reaction.

The pace and sequencing of the interview depended on the patient: the interviewer encouraged patients to tát talk in their own way and avoided closed questions.

Sequencing was performed in both directions using the amplification primers.

The narrations contained a beginning, middle, and over, had fewer disorganized fragments, and included increasingly logical and causal sequencing of events.

Interestingly, the recent results from human genome sequencing have revealed that each category of repeated sequences possesses a specific dynamics in space and time.

The eleven main articles are loosely grouped by their sequencing.

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On the basis of their general sonority-sequencing profiles, both configurations exhibit right dominance.

Oligosaccharide sequencing based on exo- and endoglycosidase digestion and liquid chromatographic analysis of the products.

The interaction model includes the speech (illocutionary) acts and the sequencing of the messages.

The nucleotide sequence of the amplicon from the water was identical to tát those determined from the three stool specimens for which sequencing was performed.

Detection and sequencing of measles virus from peripheral mononuclear cells from patients with inflammatory bowel disease and autism.

To improve the sequencing performance, besides all modifications in the synthesis of the enzyme, significant changes in the dye structure were also made.

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