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A firework, essentially, is a casing filled with explosives and combustible, colorful pellets called stars.

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Pair with equally colorful accessories, say this olive ankle boots with chains.

It presents made-up science facts in the sườn of colorful educational posters.

The women of the village are young and old, wrapped in colorful saris and shawls.

Every background is colorful, beautiful, and full of life.

Flower gardens combine plants of different heights, colors, textures, and fragrances to tát create interest and delight the senses.

The player only has to tát worry about colors.

The flowers have a plum scented fragrance and the color varies from purple to tát violet xanh rì.

Copper is the most commonly used base metal, yielding a redder color.

In recent freshman classes, students of color constituted 2533% of matriculants.

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In the past, several studies have linked some artificial colorants to tát cancer, behavioral problems in children, and other adverse health effects.

Their main hurdle was that darker colorants commonly used in the industry looked dull on skin.

It is used as an ingredient in alcoholic beverages and as a colorant in food, as it is one of the few natural pigments xanh rì.

Some of the most popular products in this segment are conditioners, serums, shampoos, hair colorants, hair styling gels, scalp nourishing products, and hair masks.

Other stuff lượt thích enzymes, colorants and artificial flavors are included.

The coloring matter, whether it is natural or present as a contaminant in the fiber is generally decolorized by different bleaching methods.

For the greatest production of coloring matter, the plant should be cut before the fruits show much development, otherwise the pigment diminishes.

This slowly drained through the loaf readily uniting with any remaining molasses or other coloring matter and removing it to tát the collecting pot.

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