Aion: legions of war review: a gacha rpg worth playing? aion: legions of war


The di động market is absolutely flooded with gathân phụ RPGs right now, with at least one new one launching pretty much every week on Google Play. So khổng lồ say we’re a bit tired of them at this point is something of an understatement.

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Yet we will admit lớn being somewhat intrigued by Aion: LegionsofWar, NCSoft’s first foray into sản phẩm điện thoại gaming. For those unaware, this is a gacha RPG that takes place in the same universe as publisher NCSoft’s smash hit MMORPG Aionon PC.

But this is not an MMORPG in any way, shape, or size. You won’t create a character, explore a virtual world, & soar across the skies with your signature wings. Instead, it’s a linear nhân vật collectabé nhỏ, in which you participate in hundreds of identikit battles in the name of progression.

Progression, in this instance, is making numbers go up. Your team of five heroes has a power score, which is a combination of each of their individual power ratings, and getting this as high as possible is pretty much the aim of the game.


Aion: Legions of War isn’t an MMORPG like its PC sibling

Sure, there’s a plot, and it is admittedly better than most, but that’s not going lớn stop us from skipping most cutscenes in a frenzied attempt khổng lồ get stuck into lớn the next battle. That’s a bit of a shame when you consider how much effort has gone into this one in particular, with its fully voice-acted cutscenes & plot that you can actually follow.

And the characters are actually quite likeable, if complete và utter cliches. It very much reminded us of playing a B-tier JRPG – in a good way.

Battles are where Aion: LegionsofWar separates itself from the rest of the Google Play chaff. They’re more like those found in FinalFantasyXII, with your characters auto attacking until you order them khổng lồ unleash a skill.

These skills persize various different effects, from healing khổng lồ dealing damage và even interrupting enemy attacks. Certain skills can even full bộ off others. We particularly enjoyed knocking an opponent down with an interrupt then dealing enormous damage with a follow-up that dealt more damage to lớn knocked down opponents.


Performing combos is immensely satisfying stuff

And there are a ton of skills like this, which were always satisfying. Curing status effects, taking a blow for a weakened party member, & unleashing a huge chain of damage is incredibly satisfying.

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That is helped, in part, thanks khổng lồ the insane cấp độ of polish. Your characters pull off some seriously stylish moves with some terrific skill effects. This is a tremendously gorgeous game, and if you have sầu a powerful enough device you can run it in 60fps, which is very welcome.

The biggest problem with the battle system is a comtháng one in the world of gaphụ vương RPGs: it doesn’t matter. As soon as you’ve unlocked the automatic function you’ll never go back, preferring khổng lồ watch your characters fight it out in super tốc độ.

Why wouldn’t you? It’s faster, often more efficient, and it allows you to lớn be lazy. It’s a win all around until you realise that you’re no longer actually playing a game.


The tactics system does offer a little extra khổng lồ the world of tự động hóa RPGs

To be fair to lớn it, Aion does attempt to lớn tackle this problem by allowing you to piông xã from one of three tactics before entering battle. Put simply, these allow you to attack harder, defover more, or focus on using skills. It’s a nice touch, & does make you feel like you’re a bit more a part of the action, but the inability to lớn swap these on the fly is disappointing.

But then that would only be a problem if this game was ever actually challenging. Sure, you’ll die at times & thất bại fights, but that’s not true difficulty. It’s just a paywall lớn get you lớn go out & buy the horrendously expensive IAPs so you can progress.

And while Aion: LegionsofWar is one of the most polished offerings in this genre we’ve sầu played, it’s still a gathân phụ RPG. If you genuinely enjoy this genre, we vì recommover giving it a go, as it does offer something a little bit different. It also oozes quality, and we’d love lớn see what NCSoft is capable of if they ever choose to lớn make an actual game on mobile.

We’ve sầu played enough of these gacha RPGs now to lớn know where this goes: right to lớn the paywall.

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Next time, just give sầu us a port of Aion please

Aion: Legions of War is probably the most polished gaphụ thân RPG on thiết bị di động, but that doesn't make it a good game.