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Thus, it cannot classify any uniquely human trait (morphological, psychological, or behavioral) as an adaptation.

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To provide compelling evidence for adaptation, however, homologous traits must play the same functional roles in human and nonhuman species.

Structural equation modelling for studying genotyperenvironment interactions of physiological traits affecting yield in wheat.

Our goals were to tướng determine if producers could identify and then rank growth traits that determined yield potential of hard red spring wheat.

However, even in coevolutionary models, only a small number of traits are ever really allowed to tướng coevolve.

Nor is the animal a series of passive traits.

Furthermore, these models were used to tướng systematically test the significance of occasion-, informant-, and trait-specific effects.

Resemblance between relatives for any trait can be attributable to tướng environmental correlations.

A trait may acquire other benefits not responsible for its evolution.

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The benefit(s) responsible for the shaping of a trait are the trait's functions.

This raises issues of how we can know that a trait is an adaptation or, more specifically, has a given function.

Stochastic simulations are necessary for a full understanding of clines in polygenic traits.

These are encyclopedic compendiums listing each drug along with its traits and influence on the body toàn thân.

Critics may argue that, by ascribing intrinsic value to tướng some character traits, disjunctive minimalists are trafficking in mystery.

Exploring marker assisted selection for this trait is suggested.

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