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Poke Dai Chien has long been a popular online mobile game that stormed the mobile gaming community. Is an online game of the turn-based role-playing genre using the original panorama and gameplay policy of the famous Pokemon 3DS brand in the past. Poke Dai Chien uses 3 chiều cel-shaded graphics, sánh it is extremely vivid, colorful, bringing extremely interesting and interesting experiences along with the adventures of the players in the journey vĩ đại conquer. Hundreds of powerful, unique pokemon vĩ đại compete with others.

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Poke cuộc chiến mod apk android

Poke Dai Chien - Join us vĩ đại become a talented animal hunter

Poke Dai Chien is a mobile game that requires perseverance, calculated intelligence, players must try vĩ đại collect a lot of powerful Pokemon with their team along with good, tight tactics vĩ đại Win against tough confrontations with other pokemon trainers.

Poke Dai Chien is probably no stranger vĩ đại gamers who have experienced the Pokemon game series on the 3DS generation or the turn-based role-playing game series commonly found on games of the same genre on both PC and PC. mobile. The game has not changed, still the basic playing policies such as collecting and accumulating Pokemon cards, players will find, collect and build themselves a squad of mighty Pokemon warriors, buffalo. best vĩ đại fight. There is a difference in Poke Dai Chien that the player will transform into the character Satoshi along with the journey vĩ đại collect Pokemon. The companion Pokemon such as Pikachu, Charmander, ... All are available in the beginning of the game.

The clear, seamless plot is the plus point of Poke Dai Chien. Players will be asked vĩ đại vì thế clear story missions, not simply go vĩ đại collect Pokemon. During your journey, you will meet familiar friends lượt thích Ashe, Team Rocket, ...

Although the game is played according vĩ đại the turn-based fighting mechanism, for Poke Dai Chien, players will not be completely passive but have the right vĩ đại control the game and the battle. From choosing Pokemon vĩ đại attack vĩ đại choosing skills vĩ đại attack and defend

Download the game Poke Dai Chien mod APK - the world of great trainers

Become Pokemon trainers and participate in fiery battles


If Pokemon Go takes you everywhere vĩ đại find and capture Pokemon, the game Poke Dai Chien mobile will help you find and capture it much easier. You don't need vĩ đại be at the forefront, just a phone with an mạng internet connection, you just stay at trang chủ and Poke Dai Chien will take you into a time filled with Pokemon in it. Your job is just vĩ đại sit at trang chủ, collect Pokemon and participate in intense, exciting Pokemon battles along with a series of tasks waiting for you vĩ đại complete.

Vivid graphics and sound

Poke cuộc chiến mod apk

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Awesome graphics and sound

Participating in playing Poke Dai Chien, players will be immersed in smooth 3 chiều graphics, bringing the most realistic feeling vĩ đại the exciting experience. In addition, with a lovely and xinh tươi visual style, everything in Poke Dai Chien becomes soft, attractive and full of sophistication. In addition vĩ đại the 3 chiều graphics system that has stormed in the game, sound is also an extremely important factor in Poke Dai Chien, vivid and realistic sound are the words vĩ đại describe the sound of the game. The sound effects that attract Pokemon vĩ đại the battle sounds have all been made as close vĩ đại reality as possible.

Diverse and rich Pokemon system

Poke Dai Chi gives players a vivid world, full of Pokemon. Here players will encounter many types of Pokemon that have been seen in animation, on TV such as familiar pokemon such as Pikachu, Psyduck, Ryzadon, ... Until legendary Pokemon lượt thích Hãng Asus, Rayquaza, Giratina, Palkia . ..

Endless skill treasure, beautiful

Unlike other games of the same genre that only have familiar and boring skills, Poke Dai Chien will bring a new breeze vĩ đại gamers with a system of countless beautiful skills from simple skills vĩ đại complex skills. It takes some time vĩ đại get used vĩ đại, and players will have vĩ đại collect materials, the conditions needed vĩ đại unlock that skill.


Poke cuộc chiến mod

Join the experience and earn yourself the real Pokemon!

Poke Dai Chien is really a breakthrough game in the Vietnamese mobile game market as well as the most attractive game on the topic of Pokemon. The game belongs vĩ đại the role-playing genre (RPG) with the gameplay of collecting Pokemon cards, doing story-based missions combined with turn-based fighting, but the player has complete control of the game in controlling the match, the game world of the game. bủ. In short, although this is a game that is not virtual reality, what Poke Dai Chien brings is enough vĩ đại make gamers feel interesting and excited.

This deserves vĩ đại be a mobile game number 1 in the turn-based genre in general and about collecting Pokemon in particular. Hope you guys have a fun and interesting experience. Currently the game is supported on iOS and Android platforms, sánh you have nothing vĩ đại worry about downloading the game. Hope you guys have a great experience.

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