floppy la gi

Longer pieces tend vĩ đại get floppier depending on the species of wood used.

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Furthermore, hard disks are objects that can be attached vĩ đại printers, have system software reinstalled on them, and have program disks copied vĩ đại them; floppy disks are not.

On the other hand, floppy disks are things which can be inserted into a disk drive, ejected, locked, unlocked, and protected; no such actions can be applied vĩ đại hard disks.

The rabbits became floppy, but after a time when the symptoms had worn off they became frisky.

The actual amount of covered area given over vĩ đại tarantulas, chameleons, white rabbits, pink rabbits and rabbits with floppy ears, is quite small.

I hear all the talk about floppy discs, megabytes and all the other jargon.

The particular example used by my noble friend of the three-and-a-half inch floppy disc is incorrect.

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There are no plans vĩ đại supplement this by floppy disk distribution.

There is much talk about floppy discs, software, hardware and trang chủ computers.

I tự not want vĩ đại be floppy in dealing with this question.

A computer game can be copied in 40 seconds on vĩ đại a floppy disc.

They tự not know what "floppy discs"are or what"opto-couplings" are which has a slightly odd connotation.

After all, one does not go into a cửa hàng and ask for a two-and-a-half or a three-and-a-half inch floppy disc.

Nevertheless, it has proved possible for other companies—sometimes quite small companies—to develop items varying from processor chips vĩ đại highly effective printers vĩ đại floppy disk systems.

They discuss floppy discs, computers, new designs and all the rest of it.

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