don la gi

Sometimes they have seen the scripts in advance of donning the masks, sometimes not.

Writing avowedly as a historian, he dons (in his own phrase) ' many methodological hats ', which he wears (his readers will find) with admirable style.

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She looks almost as though she has donned a smooth carapace with wrinkles and ambiguous edges airbrushed out.

At first, the same woman who cycled during the summer donned her habit in the autumn and rode to tướng the hunt in her sidesaddle.

A device we don as part of our clothing is experienced as much less problematic kêu ca a device implanted within the body toàn thân.

So what does it say, today, when a composer (so to tướng speak) dons his wig?

Accessories such as earrings and makeup could also be donned for the trip between school and trang chính.

At times, he dons a whig prescriptive hat, endorsing "planned decentralization".

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Identities can be donned and doffed lượt thích hats.

The least intrusive technology can be donned and doffed at will.

There is no consistent or direct connection between the re effeminati and the frequent cross-dressing plots; these weak men vì thế not necessarily don female attire.

In a very real sense, social institutions are never simply cut from whole cloth and dutifully donned.

He abandoned a conventional political career in order to tướng don the blackshirt.

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He also possessed few close friends, and none who would have led to tướng any external portrait of this closeted don.

Audiences, after all, paid to tướng watch kings and princes perform on the stage and to tướng watch boys don the personae and - literally - the cloaks of majesty.

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