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Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading card Game is a collectable card game based on the hit TV series’ own collectable thẻ game.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG trò chơi Play

So you need lớn bring a deck as is the way with a TCG và it should have 40-60 cards with no more than 3 copies of a card. Players have 8000 life points so you need a way to lớn track that.

Players take turns playing 6 phases, lets look at them.

1 – Draw Phase

Draw 1 card from your deck…

2 – Standby

Some cards activate in this phase, mostly asking that you pay a cost to keep a thẻ in play or something.

3 – Main Phase 1

This is the main bit where you play all your cards n stuff.

You can summon or phối a monster once per turn. You have 5 slots to lớn play monsters & summoned ones are placed face up and set monsters are played face down for secrecy và horizontal to lớn show they are in the defence position.

There are several special ways some monsters are summoned with a “tribute summon” the most common. Here, if a quái dị is level 5 or 6 you need lớn sacrifice a monster to summon them, 2 for cấp độ 7+ monsters.

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Ease of Teaching và Accessibility

Very easy. As with any CCG, you can play with hands face up khổng lồ help new players. You can always build a deck with cards that are easier to understand khổng lồ help new players play the game themselves.

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Summary

I lượt thích this trò chơi but I don’t have as fond memories of playing it as I did Magic the Gathering and Buffy the Vampire Slayer CCG. I did run local tournaments for a bit và they were fun but playing? Not so much.

In fact of the 4 CCGs I played a lot, this is the only one where I don’t have any decks so I can play it again should I wish. I haven’t for Dice Masters either if you want to lớn throw that into the mix.

Looking back, I think this is because it didn’t have the flexibility of these other games. The decks, while different, are not as different in playstyle as the other games.

As I mentioned with Toon World, some cards were nowhere near as powerful as they are in the cartoon. OK, the cartoon didn’t exactly follow the rules of the thẻ game in the beginning and made their own very weird rules.

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So while it’s not as good as these other CCGs, I vì chưng have good memories of playing this game.