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Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon Rom are Role Playing đoạn phim games developed by trò chơi Freak in năm 2016 and published by The Pokemon Company & Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS.
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  • Review Of The Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS Rom
    • Intro
    • Gameplay
    • Welcome đồ sộ the Alolas Melemele Island
  • How To Download Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS Rom CIA?

Review Of The Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS Rom

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Play Pokémon Sun and Moon, the latest pair đồ sộ join the battle on the rapidly declining hardware of the 3DS. Although the 3 chiều leap was revolutionary, previous games were disappointing in some areas. This disappointed many of their long-time fans. It is now a question of whether the seventh generation can làm đẹp for the mistakes made by its predecessor, which was letter-based. Players also lượt thích đồ sộ experiance Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Rom.


Pokemon Sun/Moon happens in the Alola, an archipelago with four main Islands based in Hawaii. The Kanto region, which was the location of the first Pokemon games and the Tokyo metropolitan areas, is where you play as a young boy who has recently moved đồ sộ Alola. He’s getting ready đồ sộ become a Pokemon trainer. Your cousin from Alola is there đồ sộ help you. This applies đồ sộ both versions. The difference between Sun, and Moon is mostly due đồ sộ a different Pokemon and other minor variations.

Download Pokémon Sun and Moon 3DS Rom CIA

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Pokemon Sun Moon Are role-playing đoạn phim games With Adventure The elements were phối in the fictional Alola Region (loosely based upon Hawaii). The presentation is in a third-person, overhead perspective. The player controls a young Pokemon trainer. They are on a quest đồ sộ capture and train Pokemon and fight other trainers. A player’s Pokemon gains by defeating the opposing Pokemon in turn-based battles Experience This allows them đồ sộ increase their battle statistics and level up, as well as learn new battle tactics and, in some cases, even win. evolve You can turn your weaker Pokemon into stronger ones. Wild Pokemon can be captured by players, provided they are located during random encounters You can weaken them in battle and catch them. Poke Balls These can be added đồ sộ your existing collection. Party. The ability đồ sộ fight is also available for players Trade Use the Nintendo 3DS connectivity features đồ sộ share your Pokemon with other players. Like previous games in the series, certain Pokemon are not available in both. Sun Oder Moon The game encourages players đồ sộ trade in order đồ sộ acquire all Pokemon from both versions.

Welcome đồ sộ the Alolas Melemele Island

The player begins đồ sộ move from Kanto Alola’s Melemele Island, with their mother. After meeting Lillie, and saving her special Pokemon Nebby, the player receives a starter Pokemon from Professor Kukui. Then, they embark on an island challenge. coming-of-age Alola’s custom-spanning trials were conducted with Hau, a local youngster. Trials are different from previous games. They involve battles against powered-up Pokemon and then battles against each island’s Kahuna after an island’s trials have been completed. The player will encounter Team Skull, which is a group of people who have quit the island trials. Its members include Guzma, their leader, and Gladion, their enforcer. The player is also introduced đồ sộ the Aether Foundation, which is an organization that shelters Pokemon from various threats.

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How To Download Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS Rom CIA?

  • Click on the tải về button under the table
  • On the next page, click on the tệp tin name you want đồ sộ download
  • Wait for the tải về đồ sộ start