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The Soul Fighter is the only class that is able to tát khuyến mãi heavy damage up close and from a distance. Their swift strikes are complemented by their equally-rapid dashes, keeping them from taking harm, and precisely positioning themselves to tát take advantage of their opponent’s vulnerabilities.

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Soul Fighters actively manage their ranged and melee abilities by changing stances to tát best fit the situation. The Elemental stance abilities will freeze enemies in place, while the Kung Fu stance focuses on fast close-combat combos. At their maximum Chi level the Soul Fighter unlocks their most powerful and devastating attack, laying waste to tát opponents with a single strike.

A flexible and fast warrior, the Soul Fighter can be efficient as a solo combatant, but relies on the tư vấn of others in more difficult challenges. However, as a master of the Chi, their party-healing buffs ensure they’re a welcome addition in any group.

~ Official Class Description
Soul Fighter iconSoul Fighter
Soulfighter character


2.5/5, Normal


Gon, Jin, Yun



Races[ | ]

This class has race limitations and is only playable with three races: the Gon, Jin, and the Yun.

Overview[ | ]

The Soul Fighter is the second hybrid class for Blade & Soul, merging the Frost control abilities of the Force Master with the Kung Fu Master’s reactive and reflexive moves. Each phối of skills is tied to tát an associated stance—Elemental or Kung Fu—and switching between stances is done manually. While not quite as complex as the Kung Fu Master, the Soul Fighter can take dedication and finesse to tát master.

Stances[ | ]

Kung Fu Stance is the primary, mặc định stance. Like the Kung Fu Master, this stance works best when you can adequately react to tát your opponent’s moves—this class boasts the greatest number of dashes, counters, and invulnerability skills of any other class in the game. And use of these defensive maneuvers will allow even more powerful abilities to tát be used.

Elemental Stance has more range-based skills, but with longer cooldowns as a tradeoff. The strength of this stance can be seen when stacking multiple abilities onto helpless opponents, and preventing their escape.

- Official in-depth look

Play-style[ | ]

The Soul Fighter's main damage comes from their Kung Fu Stance. Soul Fighters use their Focus Chi (Z) to tát gain access to tát Ice Helix (F) and Dragonfury (RMB). Through using Chi Stacks they gain from using Dragonfury, they can activate Frost Storm (V) and ultimately reduce the cooldown of Focus Chi through the Anima buff it gives. Focus Chi also lets the Soul Fighter use Glacial Blast (F) in Elemental Stance to tát khuyến mãi lots of damage.

- Official in-depth look

Resource Mechanics[ | ]

Ice Build[ | ]

Energy[ | ]

You achieve Full Bloom by stacking 10 Energy.  There are multiple ways to tát stack energy: Breeze Kick (F) provides 3 stacks, Right Punch (RMB) provides 2.  In Elemental Stance, Snowball (RMB) provides 2 stacks and Ice Coil (F after RMB) provides 3 Stacks. Once you are able to tát stack 10 Energy, the Iron Shoulder (F) will be usable or, in Elemental Stance, your Frost Palm (LMB) will give you one Chi Stack.

The Energy mechanic used to tát be a crucial part of the Soul Fighter's class design, but is more of a relic of past Soul Fighter versions nowadays.

Chi[ | ]

The Soul Fighter can have a maximum of 5 Chi stacks at once. Skills that give Chi are Elbow Smash (1) on a successful counter, Lightning Fist (2), Howling Blast (X, only with the talents "Torrential Power" or "Vicious Circle" activated), Dragonfury (RMB during Focus Chi (Z)) and Ice Helix (F) in Kung Fu Stance. In Elemental Stance, Astral Beam (V) provides 5 Chi stacks, Displace (2) 2 Chi Stacks and Frost Palm (LMB) one Chi Stack during Full Bloom.

5 Chi Stacks can be consumed by using Frost Storm (V) in Kung Fu Stance to tát stack one Anima.

Anima[ | ]

The Soul Fighter can have a maximum of 5 Anima Stacks at once. Skills that give Anima in PvE Spec are Focus Chi, Ice Helix, Frost Storm on first hit and Glacial Blast on first hit.

Anima can be consumed at 5 Stacks with Anima Surge (LMB) to tát reduce the cooldown of Focus Chi by 8 seconds, replenish 100 focus for all các buổi tiệc nhỏ members over 3 seconds and stack one Golden Dragon stack. Golden Dragon can be stacked up to tát 5 times, and each stack gives the Soul Fighter +2% to tát the Mystic stat.

Soulburn Buff[ | ]

When Warlocks or Wardens activate their Soulburn, your normal Right Punch (Ice Build) and Cobalt Punch (Earth Build) and Dragonfury (both builds) will get replaced by awakened versions of the skills. All of them tự more damage per hit; Awakened Right Punch stacks one Chi Stack automatically every two hits, and Cobalt Punch stacks two Chi Stacks. Both Punches ready Iron Shoulder.

Skills[ | ]

Button Icon Skill Name Skill Description Stance HM Skill
LMB StraightJab Straight Jab Basic Kung-Fu Stance LMB attack. Has 3 attack sequences. This skill is outdated and not used in any spec or gamemode anymore, unless in fringe cases in Arena PvP to tát gain focus. Kung-Fu Yes
LMB FrostPalm Frost Palm Basic Elemental Stance LMB attack in Ice Build. Can be used to tát Ani-Cancel with Snowball. Generates Focus. on Full Bloom, generates 1 Chi. Elemental No
LMB Barrage Barrage Same skill as the Force Master, although it requires no Focus to tát be cast and đơn hàng 30% focus damage to tát other player characters. While Jumping/Gliding No
RMB CobaltPunch Cobalt Punch Basic damage skill of Earth build Kung-Fu Stance. Has no cooldown. Used with Breaking Claw (F) for earth build Ani-cancel. Uses Focus. Kung-Fu Yes
RMB RightPunch Right Punch basic damage skill of Ice build Kung-Fu stance. Has no cooldown. Generates Energy needed to tát activate Iron Shoulder or Frost Palm. Uses Focus. Kung-Fu Yes
RMB SnowBall Snowball Used in Ice build with Frost Palm and Ice Coil to tát Ani-cancel. Uses Focus. Stacks Energy. Elemental Yes
RMB RipplePunch Ripple Punch Earth build Elemental stance used with Whirlwind. This is usually spec'd on early levels to tát clear large groups of mobs by kiting and gathering them, cast Whirlwind and then khuyến mãi large amount of damage with this skill. Attack tốc độ increases as you cast consecutively on an enemy within Whirlwind. Uses Focus. Can be found in Snowball (RMB) skill tree. Elemental Yes
F BreezeKick Breeze Kick Used in Ice build Kung-Fu stance. It can be cast after a hit with Lightning Fist (2). Generates Focus and Energy. Commonly disabled in PvE battles. Kung-Fu No
F BreakingClaw Breaking Claw Used in Earth build Kung-Fu stance Ani-cancel. It can be cast when you hit with cobalt punch and have Chi Level 1 or greater. Can be found in Cobalt Punch (RMB) skill tree. Kung-Fu No
F IronShoulder Iron Shoulder Used in both Earth and Ice build. It is used mainly to tát increase your Chi levels. Can only be used when Cobalt Punch hits in Earth build, on a cooldown. For Ice build it can be cast by stacking 10 Energy, also known as Full Bloom status. Consumes the Full bloom when used. Generates Focus. Kung-Fu Yes
F Retreat Retreat Standard escape from Daze and Knockdown status effects. Dazed,

Knockdown or


F HowlingBlast Howling Blast Gives 1 Chi on hit. Absorbs 50% of the inflicted damage as HP for the caster; very useful to tát heal up in fights. Increases Critical Damage for 5 seconds. Kung-Fu Yes
F MeteorStrike Meteor Strike Brings an airborne opponent down to tát the ground while increasing your evade chance to tát 100% Kung-Fu No
F DragonFist Dragonfury Main Damage skill of both Ice and Earth build. Usable in Kung-Fu Stance after activating Focus Chi. Stacks one Chi on every first hit. Kung-Fu No
F Windstorm Windstorm Can be cast when opponent is airborne. Extends opponents' airborne status, absorbs 20% of the inflicted damage as HP for the caster, and recovers focus. Usually only used in PvP. Elemental No
Tab StanceShift Stance Shift Shift between Kung-Fu and Elemental stance. Kung-Fu


Tab Secondwind Second Wind All-rounder escape skill. Dazes and iframes on hit. Usable when the caster is under any CC effects except knockbacks and airbornes. Knockdown or


1 ElbowSmash Elbow Smash Soul Fighter's only counter skill. On a successful counter, stacks one Chi, readies Rear Attack and iframes for 1.5 seconds. Kung-Fu


1 BodyKick Body Kick Standard attack when Grabbed or Phantom-gripped. Grabbed or


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1 Tornado Tornado Escape when knocked down. Knocks back when the cast animation shows the feet swirling and iframes; If hit before that, knocks yourself down one more second. Knockdown No
2 LightningFist Lightning Fist Soul fighter's main charge skill in Kung-Fu Stance. It can be spec'd to tát stun. Kung-Fu Yes
2 Displace Displace Used mainly to tát push enemies away. It can also be used to tát make enemies airborne when they are dazed or stunned. Stacks 2 Chi. Elemental No
2 SomersaultKick Somersault Kick Escape when knocked down. Counters the next hit. If an opponent hits into Somersault Kick, he gets dazed and the Soul Fighter gains a 1 second iframe. Knockdown No
2 SlipKick Slip Kick Can escape when Grabbed or Phantom-gripped if correctly timed with opponent's attack. Grabbed



3 FrostNova Frost Nova Crowd control skill in Elemental stance. Dazes the opponent in an AoE around the caster. Elemental No
4 GroundRipple Ground Ripple Crowd control skill in Kung-Fu stance. Can be spec'd to tát Stun or Knock-back in an AoE around the caster. Kung-Fu No
3 LegSweep Leg Sweep Standard Knock-down skill in Kung-Fu stance. Hits in a 180 degree angle in front of the caster. Kung-Fu Yes
4 GlacialBeam Glacial Beam Standard Stun skill in Elemental Stance. Applies Deep Wound. Elemental Yes
LMB RisingDragonStrike Rising Dragon Strike Knocks up Stunned or Dazed enemies in Kung-Fu stance. Kung-Fu No
Z FocusChi Focus Chi Increases Movement Speed. Provides Critical Damage. Readies Dragonfury on cast. Stacks 1 Anima. Kung-Fu


X ChiBurst Chi Burst Healing skill of the Soul Fighter. Can be spec'd to tát almost kill yourself in order to tát fully heal các buổi tiệc nhỏ members in Earth build. Kung-Fu


X SlippingLotus Slipping Lotus Resurrection skill. Can resurrect multiple dead allies in one cast. Can be specced to tát revive them at the casters' location or in place; A third, PvP focused Spec gives up the Resurrection in order to tát give the các buổi tiệc nhỏ and caster immunity to tát death for 5 seconds and an iFrame. Kung-Fu


C SelfDefenseChi Self Defense Chi Main resist skill. Can i-frame 5 attacks for a duration of 5 seconds. Can be specced to tát stack 3 Anima in Ice build, or to tát give up the iFrame for a 90% damage immunity in Earth build. Kung-Fu


V KingFist Kingfist Can be used after attaining 5 levels of Chi, after which you can cast Dragon Fist (F) after successfully hitting an enemy with this skill. Recommended for mobile enemies. Using the Hongmoon skill only adds more damage. Kung-Fu Yes
V FrostStorm Frost Storm Creates a storm around the target that ticks in an AoE. Stacks one Anima with the talent "Vicious Cycle". Only usable with 5 Chi stacks. Can be specced to tát create a storm that builds around and moves with the caster instead, which is recommended in PvP. Kung-Fu Yes
V BurningTundra Burning Tundra ~~outdated, got replaced with Astral Beam.~~ Elemental Yes
V Whirlwind Whirlwind The alternative to tát Burning Tundra. It also synergizes with Snow Ball's alternate, Ripple Punch (RMB). This is also notably the go to tát skill early on when leveling. Elemental Yes
Q DashLeft Dash Left Standard i-frame in Kung-Fu stance that lets you move about 120 degrees to tát the left around the enemy. Reduces Backsteps cooldown by 5 seconds if something gets iframed by Dash Left. Kung-Fu No
Q LeftStep Left Step Standard i-frame in Elemental stance that lets you move 7 meters behind the enemy. When there is no enemy, allows you to tát move forward 5 meters. Elemental No
E DashRight Dash Right Standard i-frame in Kung-Fu stance that lets you move about 120 degrees to tát the right around the enemy. Reduces Backsteps cooldown by 5 seconds if something gets iframed by Dash Right. Kung-Fu No
E RightStep Right Step Standard i-frame in Elemental stance that lets you move 7 meters behind the enemy. When there is no enemy, allows you to tát move forward 5 meters. Elemental No
S BackStep Backstep Standard double tap S i-frame in Kung-Fu stance that moves your character back 8 meters. Can be spec'd to tát automatically switch to tát Elemental stance after activating. Kung-Fu No
S BackStepEL Backstep Standard double tap S i-frame in Elemental stance that moves your character back 10 meters. Elemental No

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Screenshots[ | ]

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