Initiative Là Gì


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the ability to use your judgment to make decisions and vị things without needing to be told what khổng lồ do:
Although she was quite young, she showed a lot of initiative sầu and was promoted to manager after a year.

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I shouldn"t always have to lớn tell you what lớn vì chưng, use your initiative sầu (= use your own judgment to decide what to lớn do)!
If you bởi vì something on your own initiative, you plan it and decide lớn vị it yourself without anyone telling you what to bởi vì.

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the ability to lớn judge what needs khổng lồ be done & take action, esp. without suggestion from other people:
take/seize/thất bại the initiative The group"s legal advisers said they were taking the initiative lớn tackle online privacy issues.
Works that were centrally planned và assigned, moreover, had a better chance of seeing print than did books written on personal initiative.
This can make study findings appear redundant as the health service rushes on to experiment with the next new initiative.
As it is possible lớn observe, the high negative coefficient indicates a very significant replacement effect between executive decrees và bill initiatives.
On financial services, the policy initiative was in the hands of the corporate lobbyists who pushed for a project which was eventually implemented.
Each factor could cause an observed relationship between initiative use & efficacy to lớn be spurious.
We expect more initiatives generally to lead lớn greater efficacy, but we also examine whether this relationship is non-linear.
The interaction terms were used khổng lồ thử nghiệm whether ballot initiatives have a stigmatizing effect on racial and ethnic minorities, leading to lower political efficacy.
The first phase of liberal social policy supported a dual mã sản phẩm with a svào Gọi for self-help và philanthropic initiatives.
Each of these initiatives would be as important for dual worker households as for working single parents.