a trò chơi by Probe Software, Sculptured Software, Midway, Acclaim, & Sony Imagesoft
Genres: Action, Arcade Classics, Fighting Games, Multiplayer/Hotseat
Platforms: PC,
Sega Master System, Playstation, GameGear, GameBoy
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Taking the honors away from Acclaim, Williams brings us the biggest Super NES version of MK yet -- 32 Mortal megs are packed into MK 3. Fans of the series will definitely be pleased with the game, though it does have a few deficiencies.

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Round 3 -- Fight!

Contentwise, MK3 is extremely faithful lớn the arcade version: All the fatalities, Animalities, Friendships, & Babalities are here. Several built-in codes (including half life for fighters, hidden characters, & more) add variety lớn the battle scenarios.

The two-player matches are exciting enough, but the A.I. Has a split personality in the one-player mode. One round, your opponent will stand there & put up a brief fight; other rounds, they"re all over you!

ProTip: Use the Run button lớn avoid attacks that can"t be blocked -- lượt thích Sheeva"s stomp from above.

As in the arcade version, three paths lead to the top, each differing in length. Pick carefully, though -- you have only five continues.

Getting accustomed khổng lồ the control pad takes a bit of practice (this game adds a sixth button), but all the multi-hit combos (like Kabal"s eight-hit, 45 percent damage assault) are here and executable -- thanks to lớn the very responsive controls.

To perform a Mercy move, proceed khổng lồ Pound 3. When Ore words "Finish Him!" appear, hold Pun, lap Horn three limes, và then release Run.

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Looks lượt thích The Arcade

The 16-bit graphics hold their own with only minor hitches. MK 3"s fighters are approximately the same form size as MK II"s for the SNES. The characters are well animated, though a little pixilated. Some moves that were lightning fast in the arcade, like Kabal"s Ground Saw, suffer from slowdown here. However, most of the details have been retained, such as the way Sonya"s Ring Toss projectile melts into the ground. The few obvious changes -- the screen fades to đen between battle grounds on multi-tiered stages -- are kept lớn a minimum.

Each fighter has an inclose standing combo. For Subzero, tap High Punch twice, Low Punch, Low Kick, High Kick, hold Away on the directional pad, và tap High Kick.

The entire audio track, however, is muted as if someone were playing the arcade machine in the next room. Collisions, screams, & even the announcer sound like they were recorded through a pillow. Just the same, the stereo separation is excellent, & the sound of fireballs & other projectiles whizzes from one ear khổng lồ the other.

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A Kombat Klassic?

Converting a mammoth arcade game lượt thích MK 3 khổng lồ the 16-bit Super NES is no easy task, và Williams has done a respectable job of keeping all the key elements intact. With more games of this quality, the SNES will go out with a bang, not a wimper.


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