Chơi Game Temple Run Trên Máy Tính


Grab the Idol và run‪!‬

Imangi Studios, LLC

#16 in Adventure 4.4 • 3.8K Ratings không tính tiền Offers In-App Purchases

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Pirate Cove needs your help! Only runners like you can clean it up! It's time to lớn go green & help make the world of Temple Run a safer và healthier place!- Pirate Cove is piled with refuse in the return of our Earth Day Map!- Runners Maria Selva and Rahi Raja are out on the beaches khổng lồ get the cleanup started!- Collect litter while you run và work as a community lớn restore Pirate Cove lớn its former beauty!

It's back! Sprint for the leaderboards in the sequel lớn one of the ứng dụng Store's most popular endless runners, which arrives with a host of fabulous improvements, from overhauled graphics to lớn refined controls, original minecart & zip-line challenges, & much more.

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Enchanted Palace

Just got the update for the Enchanted Palace it looks really cool however it comes up on the loading screen but when I go to play that bản đồ it doesn’t come up & I can’t just press play cause it automatically goes khổng lồ Sky Summit. Can someone please try to patch it or bởi another update I’ve been waiting forever for a really beautiful map lượt thích this!!

Love this game!

I absolutely adore this game it’s so much fun trying lớn beat your high score it’s a trip of adrenaline each time you steal the idol hahaI have noticed a few bugs with the newest update và I haven’t seen anything for a report a bug or anything so I thought I would write a reviews and hope that the developers could see this & fix them the bugs I’ve seen are that when ever I jump or slide the animations don’t happen và moving side to lớn side doesn’t work either as well as the new menu for characters, pets, & hats, everything is really stretched out and it’s not very responsive don’t get me wrong I love the new menu just think there’s some bugs there Anyway I really love the game! but I don’t know if anyone will read this