Download hungry shark world v4, download hungry shark world mod apk 4

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Hungry Shark World
Unlimited Money
237.1 MB
Android 5.0+
Ubisoft Entertainment
August 3, 2021 (2 weeks ago )

Hungry Shark World is an Arcade game with an attractive shark theme. Join the game you will control a large hungry shark, all over the ocean khổng lồ hunt. Eating everything to satisfy your hunger is essential. Hunting continuously, swallowing everything lớn survive sầu. The more prey they can eat, the bigger the shark will be. You will also hunt many other great creatures. However, your life also decreases very quickly. So you need lớn constantly hunt, eat everything to be able khổng lồ sustain life. Hungry Shark World Mod gives players the game khổng lồ play full of eyes, fierce hunting in the ocean. Opportunities to explore many new glasses of water such as the Arabian Sea, the Arctic Ocean, and the majestic Pacific Ocean. With a relatively beautiful interface, thanks to 3D graphics technology recreate a vast sea world.

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Download Hungry Shark World Mod – Dramatic hungry sharks hunt

Pharma was released by Ubisoft in 2016 with great investment in the kiến thiết and content of the gameplay. Your hunting at sea is more exciting than ever. You just need to lớn control the shark to swyên across the variable zones, bringing the sharp teeth of the fish khổng lồ the prey. The shark will bite và swallow it to lớn satisfy its hunger. With health the shark will swlặng faster, increasing your hunting ability. Hungry Shark World owns new gameplay on the fish control mechanism. In addition khổng lồ helping the shark move with the physics key. Now players can also use the phone’s touch lớn experience. In general, basically, the gameplay is still quite similar to Hungry Shark Evolution that you have sầu ever played. However, the highlight in this version is the graphics, more special sharks. Worthwhile for you to experience if you like a different style, love sầu to explore.


Variety of hungry sharks lớn choose from

Ubisoft offers a lot of options for players about sharks. Now sharks come in đôi mươi species & 7 sizes from baby to lớn giant. With sizes lượt thích s, m, l, xl, XXL, & exceptionally huge sizes. Corresponding will be real sharks in the ocean. Owning a bigger shark, the greater the ability khổng lồ hunt, you will eat many different types of marine life. In particular, giant sharks also have sầu excellent hunting skills. Some typical sharks are for you: Blacktip Reef, white tip reef, porbeagle, xanh shark, sand shark, thresher, smooth hammerhead, bull shark, goblin shark, mako, megamouth, great hammerhead, tiger shark, basking shark, whale shark, & megalodon. In addition to owning giant sharks, players can also collect more impressive shark outfits in the store.

Upgrade your shark

In order for your shark to lớn become healthier, you need to lớn tăng cấp it. This helps your shark khổng lồ better hunt, eat more marine life, and have good health in gameplay. When you hunt onshore, the health factor is quite necessary that you must pay special attention to lớn. And upgrading will have sầu to start when you want lớn hunt in new lands. Haông xã Hungry Shark World has 3 main parameters when you tăng cấp sharks including Speed, Bite, Boots. At first, your shark is small, the nâng cấp with only 25 coins/time. However, later on, this amount will increase, so you need to collect money khổng lồ be able khổng lồ persize this activity.

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New pet system

A pretty good improvement on the nội dung of the Hungry Shark World Mod deserves attention. You can take one more pet to eat with, also known as a pet. There are 8 different types of fish pets for you khổng lồ choose from. Match with 20 species of security in the game. Each pet will have sầu different properties khổng lồ aid your shark in hunting. Cute pet names lượt thích Nautilus, buddy, Chris 2d, Kraken, jasper, Trevor, supper steve, and chip. However, you must unloông chồng the pet before it can unlochồng it. Try khổng lồ unlock the last pet there will be many special things.

Endless prey creatures

At seas where you hunt. There are countless marine creatures such as fish, tom, crab, sea turtle, jellyfish, & other sharks for you to hunt. There are also more people because in the sea, aerial animals like birds, eagles, etc. … This is a sea with many activities so your hunting is extremely easy. In addition to the animals you can eat, you also need khổng lồ avoid dangerous things like poison zone, poisonous creatures, bombs, và shark hunters in the sea.

Do the quests

With more than đôi mươi different missions that you need khổng lồ complete while playing. The quests will be tiled from easy to difficult. At the same time, each mission will be separate activities và can be performed in different seas with increasing frequency difficulty. However, completing the task will get you a lot of great rewards. One of them is coins, useful for unlocking, upgrading. Common basic missions include fighting bosses, scoring, và hunting.

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With a very simple familiar gameplay. The player just needs lớn help the shark get to lớn the place where the prey is, everything just lets its sharp teeth take care of. The gameplay is highly entertaining, throwing you in the most eye-catching hunting scenes. Especially Hungry Shark World Mod modified version at has added unlimited coins/gems or coins và diamonds for you khổng lồ use for không tính phí. Without much plowing, you can still get your favorite giant sharks, pets, & unlimited upgrades. Are you ready? Join hunting now.