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Capcom has implemented Denuvo DRM khổng lồ protect Resident Evil 2 remake to lớn protect its initial sales. But, once again the DRM has failed khổng lồ protect these sales as Resident Evil 2 remake has been cracked just one week after its launch.

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According to the hacker group itself, they managed lớn crachồng Resident Evil 2 remake after 7d 12h 32m of its launch. Denuvo DRM is used to lớn protect initial game sales. In its early days, the DRM was almost uncrackable but those days are long gone.


This is not the first time this has happened. When Resident Evil 7 launched it was cracked within 5 days of its launch. However, Capcom didn’t remove sầu Denuvo DRM at the time. But, Capcom did remove sầu Denuvo from Resident Evil 7 just a few days ago.

Capcom didn’t specify why it removed the DRM from RE7. If I have sầu to guess then it might be the license expiration and the studio decided not lớn renew it.

The general consensus regarding the use of DEnuvo DRM is that it’s there so that đoạn Clip games can’t be pirated. According to Denuvo itself, every game is crackable và the DRM is just there khổng lồ protect initial sales. But the DRM failed khổng lồ even achieve sầu that goal.

Our goal, và it’s still the goal, is khổng lồ protect initial sales. Of course we would like to have it uncracked forever, but that just doesn’t happen in the games industry.

Not to mention, a lot of PC gamers boycott đoạn phim games for the use of Denuvo DRM. The DRM has a reputation for degrading Clip game performance. While it’s true in some cases but in most cases the DRM has no impact on the performance.

This doesn’t mean these players will just go & pirate the game. They will just wait for Capcom khổng lồ remove sầu the DRM from Resident Evil 2 Remake & will buy it then.

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Despite this boycott, RE2 remake is a massive success. The game has shipped over 3 million copies within a week of its launch.

Not only that, players have sầu killed more zombies than the entire population of Japan. This is a clear indication that players are thoroughly enjoying the game on all platforms.

Now that RE2 remake has launched, fans have hopes for a Resident Evil 3 Nemesis remake. According khổng lồ a report, Capcom is actively developing Resident Evil 8.

Reportedly, RE8 will be a direct sequel to lớn Resident Evil 7 but will feature a third-person perspective sầu. Furthermore, Capcom will first launch Resident Evil 3 remake và then will release the Resident Evil 8.

Capcom has also expressed the idea of remaking RE3 Nemesis. According to RE2 Remake producer, RE3 remake is possible if fans want it.

This falls in line with producer Tsuyoshi Kanda’s statement that he would lượt thích to remake all Resident Evil games with fixed camera perspective sầu.

With Resident Evil 2 remake cracked, it is possible that Capcom will remove the Denuvo DRM. However, when Capcom will vì it remains to lớn be seen.

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Resident Evil 2 remake is a third-person survival horror game developed by Capcom for PC, Xbox One và PlayStation 4.