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10 Reasons Why One Piece Is The Best Of Shonen Jump's Big Three As the only manga/anime of Shounen Jump"s Big Three still standing, One Piece presents quite a convincing argument for surpassing Narulớn và Bleach.

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For those not in the know, the title of "The Big Three" was a name given khổng lồ the three dominating manga that featured in Weekly Shonen Jump during the 2000s.

While an argument could be made that there existed other "big threes" in the past – Slam Dunk, Dragon Ball, and Yu Yu Hakusho in the early "90s and One Piece, Ruroni Kenshin, Hunter X Hunter in the late "90s – no big three has the long-lasting impact of the current three.

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The most recent & well-known big three were One PieceNaruto, and Bleach, with many believing that One Piece was the best. Why this belief? Well, this list will go inlớn a few reasons for that belief.

One Piece has become a phenomenon on a global scale that series like Naruto and Bleach can"t quite compare lớn. This refers to the story"s influence outside the realm of solely manga và anime. While Narukhổng lồ arguably broke out in the West earlier than One Piece, the latter"s continuing success puts it above sầu the former. An adventure with the scope of One Piece only comes around once in a lifetime.

In terms of telling an "epic" story, One Piece can be compared khổng lồ stories like Moby Dick and Homer"s Odyssey. One of the things that attribute to lớn this amazement is, of course, the amazing sense of adventure prevalent throughout the series.


When compared lớn its brethren series, One Piece truly stands out when it comes khổng lồ art. While Naruto has its quirks and Bleach embraced a full-on modern (by early 2000s standards) style, One Piece does one thing differently & lớn great effect.

The manga"s art can be super over-the-top & exaggerated, while seldom being too overwhelming or difficult khổng lồ follow. The characters are some of the most recognizable in anime/manga & One Piece"s battles feel awesome. The amazing usage of colors helps even more, while the art"s chất lượng has remained relatively consistent despite One Piece"s long publication run.

When compared to the tons of anime và manga that are about monsters and inner demons as well as the usual Japanese culture, One Piece is a huge breath of fresh air. While pirates are a part of global history, they tover khổng lồ be associated with the culture of the Western world.

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One Piece takes this concept & runs with it, taking both historical & fictional pieces of pirate lore và creating something completely new & original. Seriously, who thought that Blaông chồng Beard would become one of the biggest names in anime và manga?


When compared to series like Naruto and BleachOne Piece sits on the top of the castle when it comes khổng lồ well-written characters. While the other two have sầu many great character moments, One Piece is on a whole other màn chơi, boasting an expansive cast of fully-realized và likable personalities that compliment each other brilliantly.

Each character feels real, no matter what tropes they might exhibit, và none of their changes or development feel forced. While the competition"s characters may have sầu inconsistent motives và underwhelming subplots dragging them down, One Piece is 100% organic.

Another criticism of the rest of the Big Three is that many times fan-favorite characters will get introduced and have sầu tons of spotlight; at least, until three weeks later when they are thrown inkhổng lồ the background with nothing to lớn do. This is one of the worst trends that many shonen follow.

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Not One Piece though, as even the smallest characters leave a large impact on the story. Furthermore, they always eventually come baông chồng, giving readers và viewers a "where are they now" finish khổng lồ their arc that might have happened hundreds of chapters before.


The world of One Piece is unlượt thích anything else seen in manga & anime. While it, of course, pulls inspiration from real-world cultures and other things of the sort, they simply serve as an inspiration and nothing more. This influence is weaved inkhổng lồ something all new and equates to a world that feels completely singular & otherworldly.

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The entire world of One Piece feels like something that is just waiting lớn be discovered by newcomers. The idea of something lượt thích the Gr& Line và beyond is genius.

With an all-new and original world comes a seemingly hard task of covering all this world lớn let the reader và viewer know what is exactly out there. Apparently, this task isn"t hard at all to someone lượt thích Odomain authority as it seems like he can vị world building better than most mangaka out there, & with the greathử nghiệm of ease to boot.

One Piece comes across lượt thích a giant open-world video game with no load times. That"s probably the best analogy for how seamlessly Oda takes followers from location to location while also teaching multiple concepts without having them feel shoehorned.


Naruto and Bleach have sầu some creative ways of power scaling, but they can"t touch One Piece in this department. One Piece has created what is probably the best version of power scaling in any shonen manga ever.

Even at 900+ chapters, the series still has the main cast trying to lớn surpass characters introduced in chapter 100. Yes, Naruto does the same but One Piece introduces greater consistency và the devil fruit being the main power-up in the series helps make this even more so.

One Piece may not have the grasp that Naruto has in the West but its praise has long since surpassed it. While Naruto và, to lớn a lesser extent, Bleach have sầu enjoyed periods of popularity were they eclipsed Oda"s series, One Piece is more critically acclaimed. So much so, the manga can lay claim lớn being the epic tale of the century, akin to lớn books like Moby Dick.

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This is something that is mostly unheard of when it comes lớn manga, putting One Piece on the maps in an all-new way. Also worth noting is that, in Japan, One Piece"s popularity far exceeds Naruto and Bleach.


One Piece is one series that seems to never be random. The series has hit 900+ chapters và it still seems as if every single plot point has been directly planned by Odomain authority, seldom leaving any room for any plotholes.

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Inconsistencies are few and far in-between. With the other Big Three properties, complaints about plot holes tover to lớn be far more rampant.

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