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Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a deep và rewarding game, và it was met with favorable reviews when it released back in 2012. It"s maintained a large, active community since its inception, và gamers from all over have lauded its in-game economy, career paths, và authentic European roadways. And even if you"ve never climbed behind a simulated wheel before, it"s likely you"ll find something to lớn enjoy thanks khổng lồ the game"s level of customization, and its open-ended environment. There"s just something incredibly fun about driving a gigantic, metallic behemoth that you"ve tweaked with your own hands across breathtaking sceneries & delivering a payload successfully (and on time).

But it doesn"t stop there. Euro Truck Simulator 2, in addition to lớn all of its out-of-the-box goodness, also has a huge amount of fantastic mods. So many, in fact, that it can be a little dizzying trying to lớn sort through each và every one. That"s why we hand-picked the very best và included them in the menu below. We also categorized the menu by specific topics (such as AI traffic packs và truck types), so if you"re leaning towards a particular area, it"ll be easier lớn locate the file.

For detailed info on how lớn install the mods, check out these instructions. All you"ll need ahead of time is an unzipping program, such as WinRAR or 7Zip. The installation process is remarkably simple, so once you"ve downloaded the mods you should be able to lớn get them up & running immediately.


Image Credit: Worldofmods.com

Trucker"s MP

Euro Truck Simulator 2 doesn’t have multiplayer by default, but that didn’t stop modders from making it happen anyway. The whole concept behind this ambitious add-on is that every single truck on the road is controlled by a human driver, rather than by the AI. It’s kind of like World of Warcraft, except with big rigs and high-volume trailer loads. Trucker’s MP includes support for nicknames, global vps chat, avatars, and more. There’s even an admin team of over 50 people working behind the scenes khổng lồ keep the mod going strong & steady.


Image Credit: Modland.net

WotaWally"s bản đồ Symbols

This simple but effective thủ thuật replaces the default map symbols on your GPS unit as well as the main map. The tác giả also includes steps on changing the descriptions of the symbols to different languages. At a mere 7kb, this one should only take a second or two khổng lồ acquire.


This add-on recreates the vast Russian territory, và includes such famous locations as Belarus, Minsk, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, và many more. There are also plenty of cities in the Republic of Belarus, and a staggering amount of roads leading between everything. Aside from the larger metropolitan areas, there are plenty of smallish towns dotted about as well.

AI Traffic

Image Credit: ETS2.LT

Jazzycat Trucks, Buses, and Cars

Jazzycat makes some amazing mods when it comes to traffic in Euro Truck Simulator 2. The link above leads khổng lồ a whole host of options, ranging from loads of detailed tour buses, trucks và trailers, sports cars, & standard cars. Each vehicle is a work of art, and each of them will look completely natural on the road beside you. There are makes và models from all over the world, adding significant variety khổng lồ the standard game"s mix.

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Traffic Jam

Itching for as realistic an experience as possible? For the notably hardcore, you can install this traffic jam gian lận to make the in-game driving world mimic our sometimes unfortunate reality. At times you"ll grin and relax as you see a line of unending cars on the other side of the highway, while other times you"ll panic as you need to slam on the brakes while the traffic comes to lớn a steady halt in front of you.

AI Traffic gian lận 5.0

D.B. Creation"s traffic mod is wholly compatible with Jazzycat"s data, & it offers a lot of extras to lớn the table. There"s more traffic per city, optimized traffic flow in general, AI vehicle lights, different speeds for different cars, better visibility of warning signs, improved rain effects (including sounds), & higher interior sound for your radio và music.

Vehicle Types

Image Credit: ETS2downloads.com

Peterbilt 389

With this mod, you can buy your very own American classic Peterbilt 389 (available from the DAF dealer located in Amsterdam). The truck comes loaded with features, such as a wind deflector with the Peterbilt logo, a red light inside the cabin, a Viking bullbar with chains & hook, and a wide array of auxiliary lights, including parking, reverse, and turn signals. There are also four new engines khổng lồ choose from, each with unique sounds.

Scania Longline T Tandem

The Scania Longline T Tandem differs noticeably from typical trucks, in that there"s no detachable, pivoting trailer. Instead, it"s essentially a long truck frame with a cargo compartment stacked on top. This particular version is fashioned off of the touring blueprint, which makes it even larger and more imposing than normal. There are two total engines—one intended for heavy loads & one for winter driving. This thủ thuật is an excellent way to lớn change up the feel & handling of cross-country hauling.

Volvo F10 PBA

A classic flat-nosed rig, the Volvo F10 can be bought from the in-game Volvo dealer (once the thủ thuật is installed, of course). The latest version uses less fuel, comes with oversized gas tanks, and incorporates a revised mix of exhaust pipes. The chassis" V6 engine rumbles with authentic sound, and you can purchase the 8x4 motor in the cửa hàng independently of the truck.


Image Credit: Modland.net

First Snow

Want some wintery paradise in your Euro Truck Simulator 2? This gian lận adds snow-covered roads that blend well with the chilled environments around them, creating a distinct change of pace compared to lớn the usual summer landscapes. If you happen khổng lồ have a snowy skin for your truck, this is the perfect time khổng lồ use it.

Brutal Environment HD

This mod adds in a reworked rainy skybox và optimizes the game"s graphics for HDR (High Dynamic Range). It also includes performance tweaks for 1980x1080 resolutions, and enhancments to lớn various external sounds from violent storms & strong weather. Overall, Brutal Environment HD makes your highway cruises far more intense when the clouds start gathering.

Game Interface

Image Credit: ETS2.LT

New thực đơn Style (V6)

A complete reimagining of the stock menus, the New menu Style thủ thuật includes a new loading screen, tweaked thực đơn icons, & a realistic trò chơi map, which makes for an incredibly immersive experience with an updated look & feel. It won"t take up that much storage space either, as the tệp tin clocks in at 47MB.

Trailer Skins

Image Credit: ETS2.LT

Trailers Pack

This 204MB gian lận adds 25 distinct trailers, most of which are flat-beds with heavy-duty equipment on top, such as industrial dump trucks, farming vehicles, road maintenance gear, & building materials. This trailer pack stands out thanks khổng lồ the sheer size of the hardware carried & the detail in the mã sản phẩm design.

Jazzycat Trailers và Cargo Pack

This trailer pack is technically included with the giant Jazzycat Trucks, Buses, và Cars suite, but it"s so good it"s worth highlighting all on its own. It adds 47 distinct trailers, 1,500 skins, và 255 pieces of gear to lớn go on đứng đầu of them (including a helicopter, scores of lumber, và even a red, double-decker bus). The wide range of cargo is available from 82 companies for hauling.

Mega EuroPack

Another impressive collection of trailers, Mega EuroPack offers 200 skins based off real-life designs. These trailers are also downloadable in 23 different languages, with one of the packs comprised of a mix of international selections—a wonderful choice if you"d like some additional cultural diversity in the game.

Driving and Handling Tweaks

Image Credit: Modhub.us

Improved Truck Physics

Think you have what it takes khổng lồ drive an actual truck in Europe? This thủ thuật might be as close as you can get to lớn doing so. With Improved Truck Physics applied, driving becomes far more challenging & realistic, and it heavily adjusts such crucial values as brake efficiency, retarder effectiveness, suspension, engine compression, flywheel resistance, & overall responsiveness.


Image Credit: Modhub.us

Awesome Radio

With over 600 European radio stations, you"ll never need lớn worry about hearing the same broadcast back-to-back. There are a plethora of different options, with 105 stations from the UK, 112 from Germany, 39 from Austria, & 77 from Sweden, to name just a handful. There"s even a chất lượng station for Liechtenstein!

Sound Fixes Pack

This gian lận overhauls all the default sounds included with the game, with an aim at creating a more realistic, enveloping atmosphere. By installing the Sound Fixes Pack, you"ll get authentic tire noises that change with your acceleration & average tốc độ (based off numerous road surfaces under the rubber), a larger range of suspension sounds, more pronounced trailer couplings, & loads more.

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If you"ve never tried Euro Truck Simulator 2, you can pick up a copy of it on Steam. With so many unique mods at your fingertips, it"s the perfect lớn time khổng lồ give it a whirl. While you"re on Steam, you should also check out American Truck Simulator, which released at the beginning of February. With support for the Steam Workshop, we"re anticipating a huge influx of mods for the game in the near future. Of course, even without mods, American Truck Simulator is still a terrific game, & an excellent companion lớn its European counterpart.

Do you have a favorite triệu euro Truck Simulator 2 mod? Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments below!