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Script Hook V is the library that allows using GTA V script native functions in custom *.asi plugins. However, quite recently we have had many reports of a “Script Hook V Critical Error” occurring while trying lớn launch the game. The error persists even in the Offline mode. In this article, we will discuss some of the causes of this problem và provide you with viable solutions lớn eradicate it.

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Error Message

What Causes the “Script Hook V Critical Error”?

We investigated the issue after receiving numerous reports from users và came up with a phối of solutions that were reported khổng lồ solve the error for most users. Also, we looked into the cause of the problem which is listed as follows.

Now that you know the cause of the problem we will be moving on towards the solutions.

But before moving on with the solutions, restart your system and the network equipment.

Repair Corrupt Files

Download & run Restoro khổng lồ scan & restore corrupt và missing files from here. Once done, proceed with the solutions below.

Solution 1: Update the Script Hook Application.

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Usually whenever the GTA V developers patch the Script Hook application in their updates the developers at Script Hook release a new update as a workaround that patch. Therefore in this step, we will be updating our Script Hook application

Extract the zip tệp tin and xuất hiện the “bin” folder in the extracted filesOpening the Bin folder inside the extracted zip fileSelect “Copy and Replace” khổng lồ complete the actionNow that the Script Hook application is updated, try to run the game

If this does not work for you or the Developers from the Script Hook have not released a fix yet & then you should try the next solution.

Solution 2: Reverting to lớn Old Version of the Game.

If the Grand Theft auto V has been updated by the developers và the new update has patched the Script Hook V application then it will not work. Usually, the Developers of the Script Hook V release a new update that serves as a workaround for the patch but if that has not yet been provided then we will have to revert to lớn the old version of the game for which

Now extract the downloaded files & copy the GTAV.exe và the GTAVLauncher.exe into the game installation folder.CopyingSelect “Replace the files in the destination” option.Selecting the “Replace the files in destination” optionAlso, RightClick on the”Update.rpf” & select “Copy”Copying the “update.RPF” into the trò chơi folderNow Open the “Updates” thư mục situated inside the game installation thư mục and pasteOnce more, select the “Replace the files in the Destination” option.Selecting the Replace the files in the destination optionThis will revert the trò chơi to the old version & the Script Hook should work but the trò chơi checks for updates every time you try lớn launch it through the launcher.Now extract the downloadedRAR” fileCopy both the files situated inside the extracted thư mục inside the Grand Theft tự động V installation folderCopying the filesNow double click on the “No_GTAVLAUNCHER.exe” to lớn run the gameThis mode skips the process of checking for updates and thus allows you lớn play the trò chơi on an older version.

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If this solution does not solve your problem then you should try a clean install of both the Script Hook V application và also the Grand Theft Auto game.