Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Image: Landfall

Ever since Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS) was announced for Switch back in May"s Indie Showcase, we have been eagerly awaiting news on when the immensely popular wobbly experience would be leading the charge onto the small screen - if you can really call that a charge. Today we have learned not only that the trò chơi is set to come out on 3rd November, 2022, but also what changes have been made in porting the release lớn Switch.

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In a tweet from developers
LandfallGames, we once again got a look at the hilariously chaotic announcement trailer alongside the release date và pre-order information.

We can finally announce that Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is coming lớn Nintendo Switch on November 3rd! ⚔️You can pre-order TABS for Switch right now over at:— Landfall (
LandfallGames) October 20, 2022

Following this announcement, the studio also shared a blog post in which it details how the Switch copy of TABS will differ from those which have come before it. As is to lớn be expected, there have needed lớn be a number of sacrifices in the transfer from larger processors lớn that of the Switch - we now know that the Simulation and Legacy Campaigns have been removed as well as a number of different in-game units, for example.

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On vị trí cao nhất of this, the post explains that a number of levels from the game have had khổng lồ be "redesigned và rebalanced", with Landfall stating, "They are still in the game but different from other versions, however, we think they’re just as great!"

For further details on all of the changes, we recommend checking out Landfall"s blog post in full.

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Even with all of the necessary changes, we remain impressed by the trailer - it"s difficult not lớn be smiling when looking at those little guys vày their wobbly march. Further still, Landfall has announced that all versions of the game will receive a new maps Creator feature on 3rd November which adds the following:

- Landscape sculpting and painting tools- Ability lớn place và manipulate various objects on your map- Ability to showroom various hazards on your map- A Trigger system, activating effects or various dispensers- Six map themes lớn choose from- Three different types of weather to choose from for your map

If the Steam ratings are anything lớn go by (98% positive across 88,048 reviews at last count) there is a lot to look forward to lớn here. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is currently available khổng lồ pre-order from the US eShop for $17.99, và we imagine that it won"t be long before other regions follow.