Fifa Online 4 Open Beta


FIFA Online 4 is coming to Southeast Asia and vương quốc nụ cười and Vietnam are the first two countries to lớn initiate open Beta phase of the game, in May & June respectively.

As it’s only in Beta stage, players would encounter some errors here & there. Below is a menu of common errors & ways to lớn fix them.

Error #1: Clicking on “Play” won’t start the game

Bạn đang xem: Fifa online 4 open beta

=> This error can be fixed by following below steps:

Step 2: Install the file you just downloaded

Error #2: Error Code (-1) at the loading screen (the screen with Ronaldo)

=> Garena – the advertiser of FIFA Online 4 in SEA fixed this error

Error #3: Xigncode error

=> to lớn fix this error:

Step 2: Delete all files in the current Xigncode in FIFA Online 4 installation folder (named “32837”)Step 3: Extract the downloaded package, and put all the files into the said Xigncode thư mục (/32837/Xigncode)

Error #4: NSIS Error

You might encounter this error due to lớn corrupted downloaded files/disrupted update

=> Overcome this error by redownloading FIFA Online 4 via Garena client

Error #5: Getting kicked out of the trò chơi while playing Practice mode, World Cup mode

=> Use the “Repair” option of Garena client

Error #6: DirectX error

=> Update DirectX on you PC to version 11 or 12 (latest version)

Error #7: Errors relating to antivirus software

=> Fix this in the most direct way possible which is lớn temporarily disable or quit the conflicting software

Error #8: The one(s) that is not mentioned above

=> Garena is xuất hiện to receive your feedback regarding any error you have to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with during & after the Beta phase. Feel free to hit them with a message. If you are playing the Vietnamese version, use this form to let them know.

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