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If you have a Windows computer & a PS4 controller, you can vì chưng wonders — thanks lớn the simple portable program DS4Windows.

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You can now easily connect your PS4 controller to lớn your Windows computer and enjoy a whole new gaming experience.

Moreover, with the DS4Windows program, it is even possible khổng lồ emulate your PS4 controller as an Xbox 360 controller.

In this article, you will learn how to fully utilize your PS4 controller while gaming on a Windows computer.

Why DS4Windows?

The DS4Windows program is just the thing that console gamers were waiting for.

The program simplifies the process of connecting the controller lớn a Windows computer.

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It also supports great features that help you fully optimize your gaming experience.

It has a simple & clean UI that guides you through the thiết lập process quickly & gets you ready for gaming in seconds.

However, you still can make changes lớn your heart’s nội dung before actually starting to lớn play.

DS4Windows comes with a wide range of features & options to lớn play with.

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A các mục of key features of DS4Windows is given below:

Emulate a Xbox 360 controller using your PlayStation DS4 controller lớn gain access lớn many more amazing gamesYou can make use of the touchpad as a mouse or for other actionsUse sixaxis movement for as many actions as possibleFully control the light bar and optimize it however you lượt thích. For example, you can turn it off, change colors according khổng lồ battery level, & much moreMap the sticks & buttons to easily identify the Xbox 360 controls & keyboard configurationsSave sầu controller settings as different profiles khổng lồ easily switch between configurationsAutomatically switch profiles when a certain game or program is launchedAdd a whole new set of controls by holding an action buttonAnalyse how sixaxis and sticks are working by getting a functional reading

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