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First Touch Games is known for its various soccer-inspired games, including Score! Hero, Score! Match, & arguably its most popular franchise, Dream League Soccer. The most recent version, Dream League Soccer 2021, recently rolled out for iOS và Android devices, & just lượt thích previous versions, it puts you in control of a low-division team in a universe where all of the world’s top association football players have been redistributed to new teams và placed in new leagues.

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That means you’re going to lớn be controlling real-life players as you work toward moving up from one league to the next and improving your roster by signing new players & training the ones you currently have! There are also different game modes, including the classic Career mode, as well as a PvPhường mode that pits you against other human managers.


As you may have surmised in our Dream League Soccer 2021 beginner’s guide, this is quite a deep game with a lot of features, và that could mean more time for you to learn the basics & a whole lot of ground khổng lồ cover. Our first guide mainly focused on tips designed for beginner và intermediate-cấp độ players. But now, we’re going khổng lồ touch on some of the other game modes, particularly Dream League Live, và tackle some more advanced tips, as well as simpler ones that we may have missed out on in the first guide.

Keep on reading if you’re looking to lớn gain an even bigger advantage against your opponents, especially if you’ve made it past the Academy Division và are trying your luchồng against tougher AI opponents — or any kind of human opponent!

1. Dream League Live: Playing Against Human Opponents

Aside from Career mode, Dream League Soccer 2021 allows players to take part in PvP matches against human opponents. You can access Dream League Live by tapping on the second button khổng lồ the left on the main menu, và once you’re ready khổng lồ play a match, simply tap on Play Now to lớn be matched against another manager.

Next to Play Now, you can access the Team Management screen lớn make changes to your starting eleven, and Leaderboard lớn see where you rank against other players in your division. The right side buttons are for special events, which could earn you additional coins & other rewards if you place amuốn the top three by the event’s conclusion.

PvP.. matches in Dream League Live work exactly lượt thích the ones in Career, although this time, you may need to be sharper than you are when facing the AI-controlled opponents in Career. These matches, after all, take place in real-time, and human-controlled opponents will always be more intuitive and less predictable than the ones controlled by the computer. We’re going to talk about this later, but you should absolutely NOT rage-quit in Dream League Live sầu — you vì chưng have the option, however, khổng lồ concede the match khổng lồ your opponent.


Scoring in Dream League Live is similar to how it is in real-life association football — a win gets you three points, a draw gets you one, và a loss gets you none. You can reach Champion status by scoring at least 12 points before the end of the season, & scoring 7 points or more will be good enough for Promotion khổng lồ the next highest league/division. You will also earn the usual coins regardless whether you win or thảm bại, and you will get more coins, of course, if you piông chồng up the win.

Depending on the result, you’ll get Season XP., which goes toward the rankings in the Leaderboard section — you will be awarded gems or coins at the over of the season depending on how high your ranking is on the Leaderboard. Those who place in the top five will receive sầu gems — the top three get 100 gems each, while the fourth & fifth place managers will be rewarded with 40 and 30, respectively.

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As you can see, there are many reasons to lớn focus on PvP play in Dream League Live sầu, & a lot of them boil down to lớn the rewards you can earn at the kết thúc of the season. This is the perfect next step for those who feel that Career mode doesn’t offer enough challenge, and if you choose lớn focus most of your energy on Dream League Live sầu, Career mode will essentially serve sầu as a practice mode of sorts for those matches against human opposition!

2. Accumulate Season Points For Bonus Rewards In Dream League Live

Aside from the ranking-based gem và coin rewards, you can also win a ton of bonus rewards depending on how many Season Points (SP) you earn through the course of a season in Dream League Live sầu. Much like Season XPhường, the amount of SP.. you earn after a match will depkết thúc on whether you win, draw, or thất bại, & as you accumulate more SP, that will allow you lớn cấp độ up your Season Pass, which can be accessed by tapping on the button of the same name on the top left of the Dream League Live sầu menu.


Even if you choose not khổng lồ pay for the actual Season Pass, you can still cấp độ up by scoring more SPhường. — cấp độ 1 players get đôi mươi không tính tiền coins, cấp độ 2 players get 25 coins, and so on, until you reach level 21 and get a Rare Agent for miễn phí. Paid Season Pass members, meanwhile, get even better rewards — we’d say it’s a good giảm giá for $4 USD for its local equivalent!

How good is good? Well, for starters, you can earn 300 coins at cấp độ 1, & get 10 gems, a Legendary Form Boost, và a Legendary Scout respectively once you move sầu up khổng lồ màn chơi 2, 3, và 4. You’ll get a Legendary Agent once you make it khổng lồ màn chơi 21 under the paid Season Pass, & if you consider the type of player you can get for không tính phí by using such an Agent, that’s a pretty good final reward for just $4 in real-life currency!

3. You’ll Need To Manually Choose Your Set Pieces

There are three buttons in the Team Management screen that we didn’t cover in-depth in the first guide, & the first one we’ll be tackling is the Roles button. This is where you can choose your set pieces, meaning your Captain, lead Penalty Taker, your Free Kicker, và your Left & Right Corner Kickers. Much lượt thích substitutions, you will need to lớn manually choose each of the phối pieces — there’s no auto-select option that will rank each player based on the key attributes for each set piece, so you’ll need lớn đánh giá each player’s cards individually to lớn make sure you’re making the best choice for each set piece.


Generally speaking, Free Kickers và Corner Kickers need to lớn have good Passing numbers, & lead Penalty Takers need to have sầu good Shooting. Things aren’t quite as cut-and-dry when it comes lớn your choice of Captain, as DLS21 does not have any visible attributes that measure leadership. We would suggest choosing the player with the best overall rating — although the best players in the real world aren’t always the best on-field leaders, choosing your team’s best player in the DLS universe is typically a safe approach when choosing your team captain.

4. About Form Boosts – Should You Buy Them?

We briefly mentioned Form Boosts earlier, and you may be wondering what they are và what they can bởi vì for your players. First of all, you can access the Form Boost by tapping on any player on your starting lineup & tapping on the button of the same name on the bottom right of the screen. Here, you can opt lớn use a Comtháng Form Boost for 5 gems, a Rare one for 8 gems, or a Legendary one for 10 gems. Depending on which of these boosts you choose, this will result in the player’s overall rating increasing by one, two, or three points respectively.

The price remains the same for all players regardless of rating, and regardless of which one you use, the effect will only last for one match — the game makes it clear that these are temporary boosts! So with that in mind, & also taking into lớn account that gems are a premium currency, should you purchase Form Boosts, và if you do, when would be the best time lớn use them?


Our advice here would be to lớn purchase Form Boosts only for your best players. There’s not much point using a Form Boost on a player with a rating in the 60s or even in the early 70s when you’ve sầu got quite a few players with a rating of 75 or better.

And you should ideally buy them right before an important fixture against a tougher or equally-matched opponent — you’ll only be wasting them if you buy them right before a very winnable match. Always keep in mind that these are one-use-only boosts, and that the game doesn’t give sầu out gems like candy — there are other things that you’ll want to lớn save sầu your gems for!

5. You Can Watch Videos For Extra Coins And Other Bonuses

Normally, this is something we’d want khổng lồ mention in a beginner and/or intermediate guide, but since this is rather easy khổng lồ miss, we’re mentioning it here — the game will allow you khổng lồ watch videos to lớn add to your winnings after each match.


This will allow you to lớn earn an additional 30 coins on top of your regular reward, và if you look at the bottom left of the Career screen, you will see a similar option to watch a video for 30 free coins. That might not seem like much in the grand scheme of things, but as is always the case, it can all add up if you watch enough of those clips.

In addition to lớn watching videos for extra coins, DLS21 lets you watch ads in order lớn recover 10 percent of your entire club’s energy. You can only watch one Clip if you choose lớn take this option, but even then, that can save you on the coins you would normally spover to lớn manually help your best players recover energy before their next match!

6. Physquả táo Come Cheap, But Don’t Overuse Them

The second button on the bottom menu of the Team Management screen directs you to your Physgame ios, which is where you can choose from three different rarity levels of physiotherapists lớn help your players recover their energy prior lớn a match. Common Physios cost 50 coins to lớn hire and recover 10 percent energy for all players, Rare ones are priced at 100 coins và can restore trăng tròn percent energy, và Legendary ones cost 250 coins & not only restore 50 percent energy for everytoàn thân but also heal all active injuries.


As you can see, those aren’t bad prices at all for a quick boost of energy & the assurance that everyone will be playing closer lớn their full potential thanks khổng lồ their fresher legs. But while hiring a Physio is definitely cheaper than adding a new player to lớn your club via the Transfers thực đơn, you should also remember that these are one-use-only staff members, much like Coaches! This option should ideally be used sparingly, và preferably only before a match where you are evenly matched, or at a disadvantage against your opponent in terms of talent.

7. On Regular Quitting And Rage-Quitting

As you’ll see in the pause menu during each match you play, you have sầu the option lớn “legally” quit a match if you feel there is good enough reason to lớn vị so. Maybe you aren’t capitalizing on those scoring opportunities or making those defensive sầu stops, or maybe you’ve made one big mistake leading lớn another and crushing whatever momentum you have sầu.

Or maybe your boss caught you playing DLS21 at work and warned you about playing mobile games at the workplace. You can quit the match through the pause thực đơn if this (or something else) happens, but the game will warn you of one important caveat — quitting the match will erase all statistics that have sầu been compiled so far, & you will LOSE the match.

Is there any alternative sầu khổng lồ legally quitting out of a match? Fortunately, there is, & while it may be a controversial tactic that has gotten many a player perma-banned from other games, you can rage-quit from Career Mode matches by actually quitting the app on your device. Your opponent is AI-controlled và the fixtures aren’t in real-time, so there’s no harm done to any human player if you opt lớn rage-quit.


Once you restart the game, you will continue the match from the last dead-ball situation, say, after the last goal scored or after the last foul was called. That means you can actually rage-quit right before an opposing player scores a goal, thus allowing you to lớn revày the whole sequence of plays and make a timely stop the next time around!

Take note that the operative words here are “Career Mode” và “AI-controlled.” You will certainly want lớn avoid using rage-quit tactics when you’re competing against another human manager. Now that’s definitely unfair to lớn the other guy, especially if they’ve worked hard to lớn build up an advantage and score a ton of goals. And as far as you’re concerned, rage-quitting during PvPhường matches in DLS21 could get you temporarily banned for your first offense, or worse, perma-banned from the game for repeated offenses!

8. Save Some Gems For Your Training Center Upgrade

You may be tempted to lớn save sầu up your gems for Agent purchases that could help you sign some rare, talented players and boost your roster’s talent, especially as you progress through the higher leagues. However, you should also have sầu a lot of gems set aside for those facility upgrades, and the most important one beyond the Stadium, we’d say, would be your Training Center.

The Training Center is located on the upper right of the Stadium và Facilities bản đồ, & here, you will be able lớn persize upgrades on the building. These upgrades result in additional Form Boost matches, an extra percentage discount on the cost of hiring a Coach, & new formations to lớn unloông chồng. We’d say the latter perk is the most important of them all, as it allows you khổng lồ try out different tactics that may be more apropos for your club’s depth chart at a given time.


For example, you may want khổng lồ try formations that highlight your strength up front but disguise your lack of unique midfielders, or those that allow you to lớn start at least four 70-or-better midfielders while letting you start your only good forward.

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Once you decide khổng lồ tăng cấp the Training Center, the game will ask you khổng lồ choose the new formations you wish to lớn unloông chồng. Make sure you’ve sầu reviewed your starting eleven & subs before committing lớn any formation, but once you’re ready, you can tap on the pink button with the cost in gems in order to finalize things. That will permanently unloông chồng the new formations & leave the other ones locked until your next Training Center upgrade, so be sure you’re choosing well!

9. Which Buildings Should You Prioritize Next?

We’ve sầu just established that the most important facilities to upgrade are the Stadium and the Training Center. That leaves three other buildings in the Stadium and Facilities map, và these are your Commercial Center, Medical Center, and Accommodation building.

As gems are a premium currency và are comparatively hard khổng lồ come by, it will be very difficult to lớn save up enough of them lớn make sure everything is upgraded. So which of these should you be working on next?

We would suggest that after the Training Center, you should invest some gems in upgrading your Medical Center. Each nâng cấp results in an additional discount for Physiotherapists, with the first being 10 percent, as well as a progressively reduced injury probability. The latter will be very important, because you don’t want lớn chiến bại one of your best players ahead of a big game against a tougher opponent!


For your fourth priority, we suggest working on the Commercial Center. Upgrades here are mainly focused on your bonus match winnings, which improve sầu by 6 percent after the first nâng cấp. You can also get progressively higher kit và hình ảnh discounts, as well as scout discounts, by leveling up this building.

We would argue that upgrading Accommodations should be the last priority for DLS21 players. The only perk of note here is being able to maintain a larger roster. This won’t be a must until you’ve gotten promoted at least a few times, và as we noted in the first guide, releasing players allows you lớn convert them into không tính phí Coaches. So don’t worry too much about this at first — your standard lineup of 11 starters và nine subs should be enough khổng lồ get you through the first few divisions in the game.

10. Customizing Team And Player Information

The third button on the upper left takes you to lớn the customization options of DLS21, và these would allow you to change your team’s biểu tượng logo & edit a variety of information, including your kit colors, your players’ information, your team name, và your name và appearance as manager. All of these changes are cosmetic in nature, but they are a great way khổng lồ shake things up & set your team aside from the rest of the in-game world.

And with that in mind, that’s something you may wish khổng lồ consider when editing kit information. While colors like red, blaông xã, Trắng, & xanh are classic choices that are popular among muốn many real-life teams, you can also get imaginative sầu & try unusual color combinations that could make it easier khổng lồ distinguish your team on the field — it’s always a bit of a challenge if you and your opponent have sầu similar, or even the same unisize colors!


As for the other editing options, there isn’t much to lớn changing your team name or manager name/appearance — these can be done at any time and without any additional cost. Editing players, on the other h&, allows you to lớn change their jersey number & shoe color.

Unfortunately for those who may be used to management games where they can change every bit of player information (usually at an additional fee), there are a couple of limitations to DLS21’s player editing features. The first is that you cannot change anybody’s names — these are FiFPro-licensed players, so we’d say it’s perfectly understandable that you cannot update someone’s name to something wacky like John Q.

Awesome or Goalie McGoalface. Likewise, you cannot update player attributes either, and that’s even more justified, because what fun would the game be if you’re dominating everyone on the field with a team of 99-rated players at every position?

11. Some Goal-Scoring Tips

Let’s now move sầu on to lớn the on-field aspects of Dream League Soccer 2021, starting with what is arguably the most fun part of any game — scoring a ton of goals. At first, it won’t be easy to lớn find scoring opportunities in Career mode, & when you’re playing Dream League Live sầu, you may encounter teams that are especially good in clogging their final third & preventing attackers from getting good opportunities at the goal. But when playing Career games, you’ll soon enough find that it’s pretty easy to break away for an unmarked attempt without getting called for offside.


In the absence of an easy, giveaway opportunity at the goal, we would also advise you khổng lồ look for those chances where you can score on the rebound. Admittedly, it’s hard to lớn score on an epic screamer from a good distance, so you want to focus on closer shots, especially those that come off a missed attempt. You’ll need to lớn act quichồng while watching the keeper parry the first attempt — make sure you go for the second attempt before he switches his focus back!

In addition, we’ve sầu found it effective to lớn weave in và out while approaching the keeper, effectively throwing hyên ổn off his balance and forcing him khổng lồ think twice as khổng lồ where the ball may be heading. Just be sure you aren’t doing this too cthua to the keeper, or else he will easily stop the shot before you even have a chance khổng lồ chip it inlớn the goal!

12. Watch Out For Offside Calls!

As is the case with any other di động soccer game that focuses on the action rather than on the management, you’ll want khổng lồ be careful about getting called for an offside violation. What are these violations và when are they called? Officially, this means that a player’s toàn thân parts that aren’t their hands or arms are closer lớn their opponents’ goal line than the ball and the second-to-last opponent.

But in layman’s terms, this simply means passing the ball to lớn someone who’s breaking away toward the opponent’s goal without anyone marking hyên ổn. It’s sort of lượt thích soccer’s equivalent of someone triggering a fast break with an outlet pass in basketball, but this time, it’s illegal.


When called offside, the opposing team will gain control of the ball và will start things off with a goal kiông chồng or a không tính tiền kiông chồng, và that is, of course, something you want khổng lồ avoid. So if you want to avoid getting called offside, the basic rule of thumb is to lớn avoid passing the ball if the scoring opportunity seems too good khổng lồ be true. The offside rule is designed to lớn avoid instances where the offense has an unfair advantage over the defense, so you’ll have to be more creative sầu when it comes to these opportunities.

13. Taking And Defending Against Penalty Kicks

At first glance, penalty kicks may sound lượt thích gimmes — you don’t need khổng lồ giảm giá khuyến mãi with anyone else on defense aside from the goalkeeper. However,, any fan of the sport will also tell you that penalties can be quite the nerve-racking experience, not only for the player taking the kiông xã and the goalkeeper defending against it but also for the fans. And this is especially true when it comes khổng lồ penalty shootouts, which you’ll need to lớn giảm giá khuyến mãi with if the match remains tied at the end of the 30-minute extra time period.

When taking penalty kicks, you will again be using the joystiông chồng on the bottom left and the buttons on the right to guide your player as he attempts khổng lồ shoot. The safest button to use would be the B button, as using A, if you’re not careful, would usually result in the ball moving sharply upward và going over the bar, while using C could cause the ball to wildly go wide left or wide right.

But the key thing here is to be very careful when guiding your shot with the joystiông chồng — to lớn avoid sharp or wide motions, make sure you’re gingerly moving it along and not moving it too far up, down, left, or right. Also keep in mind that you have a time limit when attempting penalties — take too long to lớn mix up your shot và the game will automatically make the attempt for you based on where the arrow is located!


Your choice of direction for the shot wouldn’t matter during regular first penalty attempts during regulation time or extra time, but when you’re in a shootout, that’s when you’ll need to lớn change things up. Try to lớn be as unpredictable as possible as you keep traông xã of the goalkeeper’s movement — if you notice the goalkeeper moving right khổng lồ bloông chồng the shot during the first attempt, you might want to ayên ổn your second attempt lớn the right in anticipation of the keeper moving lớn his left.

The concept is quite similar when you’re in control of the keeper và you’re trying to lớn defend against the opponent’s penalty attempts. In fact, we’d say it’s easier to lớn guide your keeper when you’re controlling him on defense. Just tap anywhere on or around the net to move the hands-shaped inhỏ & choose the direction he will be moving when trying khổng lồ blochồng the penalty, & you’re good khổng lồ go. Once again, it’s a good idea to lớn vary the placement of the hands in order to lớn throw off multiple penalty takers during a shootout.

Given the importance of penalty kicks when they happen during a PvE match in Career or a PvP match in Dream League Live, you can always head khổng lồ the Training thực đơn (in the More section in the main menu) & choose Penalty. This allows you to lớn practice an unlimited number of penalty situations on both offense và defense without any of the usual stakes.

14. How To Take Good Free Kicks And Corner Kicks

Sticking khổng lồ the topic of mix pieces, không tính tiền kicks & corner kicks are much more commonplace than penalties, given that the former is typically awarded after a foul & the latter takes place when the ball goes out of bounds after it is touched by a defender. Both can be great ways to lớn mix up a scoring chance, but if played improperly, they can stand out as wasted opportunities that opponents can capitalize on.

For Career mode, it’s less important to lớn focus on proper free kick và corner kick technique because AI teams typically aren’t too intuitive in defending them. That’s a different story in Dream League Live sầu, where you no longer have sầu the luxury of sprinting toward the opponent’s goal without being called for offside, as is often the case against AI defenses.


So when it comes to lớn both types of kicks, we would suggest using the B button primarily, and making sure you adjust the arrow in such a way that your next closest teammate can receive the pass. Once again, don’t ayên the joystick too sharply in any direction, and if you should choose lớn use the A or C button for a more powerful kiông chồng, make sure the defense isn’t too tight! You don’t want to lớn waste a chance with a careless interception.

Just like penalty kicks, you can practice miễn phí kick and corner kiông chồng situations in the Training thực đơn. You will again be given unlimited chances & can quit Training mode at any time, so make the most out of the opportunity khổng lồ practice in a low-stakes situation if you can.

15. What Happens When You Get Promoted To The Next Division?

If you finished the 15-game season in Career Mode with a high enough ranking & were able to lớn afford the cost of increasing your stadium’s capađô thị to lớn the required minimum, then you can choose lớn move up to the next highest league/division & get promoted. Now this is completely optional, & if you believe sầu you still have sầu a lot of work lớn vì chưng in terms of your technique (or can’t afford yet khổng lồ exp& your stadium), you always have sầu the choice khổng lồ remain in your current division for the next season. But if you decide to take the plunge, here’s what will happen.

After the final league match, don’t expect things to over just yet after the celebration animation plays. You will still have one final match to play, và that will pit your squad against an all-star selection consisting of top players from the other clubs in your division.

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This has no bearing on the league standings and does not affect your chances of promotion, so the stakes are rather low here. But beating the all-star squad could result in better rewards than usual, so it will still be in your best interests khổng lồ play hard and wrap up your stint in your current league with a bang.

Once you’ve sầu completed the all-star game, you will then be prompted và asked if you really wish to move on khổng lồ the next highest division. Again, you’ll need to take stoông chồng of various factors, including your team’s talent màn chơi, your confidence in your abilities controlling your players on the field, and your finances. But higher leagues mean better rewards, so if you feel you’re ready, then by all means — choose promotion!

And that would be all for now as far as our Dream League Soccer tips & tricks are concerned. Have sầu you discovered other tips while playing the game? Let us know in the phản hồi area!