Creature Romances: Kokonoe Kokoro explores love for a monstrous girl. What made you want lớn tell this kind of love story?

Nostalgia, developers of Creature Romances: Kokonoe Kokoro – There are many reasons people fall in love, but for the majority of people, someone ugly is not someone lớn fall in love with. We thought khổng lồ ourselves to lớn have someone fall in love not because of appearances, but because of what’s inside. With that as the concept of this game, there was a need for us khổng lồ create a character that was as ugly as possible.

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What immediately came to mind were the creatures from Alien. A creature that makes you want to lớn avert your eyes, but with a personality of a brave, kind girl… If we can express that, then I think we’ll be able to convey our concept khổng lồ the players. That was how we approached creating this love story.

Why did you choose khổng lồ make everyone a quái thú except for the protagonist? Why is the nhân vật a human in this world of creatures?

We placed the most importance on the player’s visual information in this game. As I mentioned earlier, this trò chơi is about loving the characters for who they are, và not their appearance. We don’t mean the protagonist Ichitarou falling in love, but rather, the players themselves falling in love. Hence, as the vessel for the players to lớn project themselves into the game, we couldn’t let him be a creature as well. If the protagonist were a creature as well, then he wouldn’t be "the player themselves", but just "someone in the game".

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As for placing importance on visual information, that also refers to lớn the writing of the game’s text: how it doesn’t discuss that everyone else around him is a creature, & how the heroines’ creature-like traits are not touched upon. We paid close attention lớn those two points. That’s because if we point out the creatures’ physical characteristics in the text, then it’s no longer purely "visual information". Though I did put stuff like "her boobs are big" (lol).

This game isn’t about creature-creature romance. It’s not about the human protagonist falling in love with the creature heroine. It is all about the human player falling in love with an ugly heroine.


Despite the initial horror, there is a dễ thương side to the grasshopper heroine. How did you make an insect feel đáng yêu to the player?

A typical romance game’s presentation usually has a fallible protagonist who is constantly supported by a brave heroine. This game takes that method và makes use of it. Even with a compact story, it contains ups & downs & waves of emotion through the heroine, which help to bring out her attractiveness.

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How did you help the player make friendly connections with the menacing creatures of the game? How did you help them overcome fear/revulsion/discomfort to learn to feel for these creatures?

We portrayed the protagonist as a truly weak, faulty character, while the heroine kindly supports him all throughout. In those interactions, the heroine’s affection for the player peeks in & out. I think Kokoro-chan’s love can be conveyed even through the screen.

What is the fun part, for you as a developer, in telling such a different love story as Creature Romances: Kokonoe Kokoro?

Though we began with a fairly serious concept for the game, we’re really jokers at heart, so we thought about going all the way with bad ends. We had the most fun making completely senseless bad ends. The second game in this Creature Romances series has even wilder bad ends.

As a final note, we’d love for this lớn get a Hollywood adaptation, so spread the word! (lol)