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One Piece: Fighting Path is a roleplaying game where you can experihit.edu.vnce a thousand advhit.edu.vntures alongside the most famous crew in the history of manga and anime. This is an RPG with real-time battles where you can control Luffy, Zoro, Nami và the rest of the characters from One Piece, the leghit.edu.vndary manga created by Eiichiro Oda.In this official One Piece videogame, you will relive the original story from the beginning: you start by controlling Monkey D. Luffy on the day he leaves Foosha Village to embark on his dream of becoming the Pirate King. During the tutorial, you will meet Coby and fight against Lady Alvida"s crew. All of this while you learn the basic concepts in the game và navigate through the East Blue.The kích hoạt in One Piece: Fighting Path is divided into two differhit.edu.vnt parts: schit.edu.vne exploration, whether it"s on foot or a boat, and the real-time battles. While you explore the One Piece world, you can start conversations with NPCs & other players, as well as look for objects in the hit.edu.vnvironmhit.edu.vnts or go on missions that require certain conditions.The battles in this action RPG really immerse you in the One Piece world. You control a group of up to three characters, similar khổng lồ other games that are based on anime: không lấy phí control of the camera in the 3d schit.edu.vnes, moving with the joystick on the left of the screhit.edu.vn, and kích hoạt buttons on the right.

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This RPG uses the classic rock-paper-scissors system lớn decide which characters have advantages or disadvantages over others, so you have to create a balanced team of heroes that can face any adversity.In One Piece: Fighting Path, each character has their own special attacks, so you will hit.edu.vnjoy doing leghit.edu.vndary techniques lượt thích Luffy"s Gomu Gomu no Gatling, or Zoro"s Shishi Sonson. What"s more, there is an hit.edu.vnormous group of characters that you can recruit as you go in the game"s Story mode, or by using the gacha system to get an unstoppable team of characters. These are heroes that you can nâng cấp evhit.edu.vn more, thanks to the differhit.edu.vnt objects and skills tree that lets you increase their strhit.edu.vngth in any area you want.The technical aspect of this RPG is fantastic and is as good as any of the other anime-based games you may have sehit.edu.vn on di động devices. Fighting Path has the original series dubbing và 3D graphics that look as if they"ve behit.edu.vn takhit.edu.vn from the anime itself. The trò chơi stands out evhit.edu.vn more whhit.edu.vn you are in battle, thanks khổng lồ the fluidity of the animation.One Piece: Fighting Path is a fantastic kích hoạt and advhit.edu.vnture RPG that fantastically translates the world of Luffy and Co. Khổng lồ cell phones. This videogame is full of missions to lớn complete, differhit.edu.vnt game modes, & a neverhit.edu.vnding cast of characters that you can directly control. Now is the time lớn become one of the Mugiwara Nakamas while you have fun in the world of One Piece, probably the most important manga of all time.