Affordable Là Gì, Nghĩa Của Từ Affordable Trong Tiếng Việt Nghĩa Của Từ : Affordable

They have sầu increased their provision of affordable housing in order to lớn make trang chủ ownership accessible to buyers who would otherwise be unable khổng lồ buy.

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Nâng cao vốn từ bỏ vựng của người sử dụng với English Vocabulary in Use từọc các trường đoản cú bạn cần giao tiếp một phương pháp tự tín.

Higher match rates make future consumption streams more affordable và therefore tend lớn increase current consumption.
However, the book is reasonably affordable and provides a general enough background on analogy to lớn make it a worthwhile addition to lớn any bookshelf.
Affordable access lớn essential medication in developing countries: conflicts between ethical và economic imperatives.
In this respect on-far m retìm kiếm should envisage as many trial replications as affordable, especially when it comes to lớn the assessment of technically oriented trials.
Moreover, private life insurance & medical insurance eventually became affordable for most workers, and insurance against personal injury suits became available lớn most employers.
The igiảm giá situation is to provide a system of paratransit: affordable, tailored individual transportation.
Computational mathematics is all about rendering mathematical phenomemãng cầu in an algorithmic size, amenable to sufficiently precise, affordable & robust number crunching.
Many readers will find this affordable, well-produced anthology of use in their thinking about late life as a fully embedded phối of phenomemãng cầu.
In areas where there are not resources to lớn nâng cấp between irrigation technologies, more affordable precision options are available.
In this context, we suggest that international trade rules perpetuate và exacerbate this inaccessibility, considerably restricting policy options for accessing affordable medicines.
In the social-democratic regimes, affordable and good standard housing, whether owned or rented, is a universal right.

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Repeatable craft techniques can now be used khổng lồ provide a rich màn chơi of quality within an architecture that is also affordable.
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to lớn walk with large, noticeable movements, especially lớn attract attention or show that you are angry

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